Much of our work is an adaptation of an existing building or interior, a reuse or conversion, whether urban or rural, whether the product of anonymous builders or well-known architects. This condition, while not sought out per se when we first embarked together in a shared professional practice, has come to inform much of the way we think about our work.

Our strategies are often laden, therefore, with the relationship between new and old, a reading and reinterpretation of what we find on site, of what has come before us. Our work has been shaped by this materia prima and in many, fortunate, cases we are especially indebted to its makers.

Eileen Liebman and Fernando Villavecchia established Liebman Villavecchia Arquitectos in 1987 in Barcelona. Very soon thereafter, in 1988, Mireia Comajuncosa joined the studio and eventually became a partner in the firm. In 2002 Ana Bracons joined and is currently an associate. To a large extent, the studio’s output over the years has been the result of the contribution of these four architects, each with a varied set of responsibilities according to the practice’s evolving interests and explorations.

Liebman Villavecchia has been enriched by the dedication of a long list of collaborators, both employees and interns, many of them foreign students. Some were members of the team for only a short time while others remained for longer periods and played a particularly significant role: Stephen Bates, Pepe Bru, María de Ros and Lorenzo Kárász, as well as our current collaborator, the architect Lluís Andreu Sotelo.

Studio members since 1987: Sara Romero, Giacomo Fondelli, Lluís Andreu Sotelo, Isabella Zagarese, Marine Douguet, Carola Magni, Emma Villavecchia, Laura Ospina, Pol Viladoms, Alex Perret, Samy Khela, Miya Chua, Alexandra Bové, Nora Szüts, Ranleigh Starling, Victoire Paternault, Elodie Roy, Lorenzo Kárász, Alexandre Moser, Daniel Godbolt, Inge-Lise Kragh, Kathryn McRay, Christy Ortbals, John Musial, Lili Xie, Magali Barre, Kate Sullivan, Carly Camardo, Sara Helena Kangas, Christian Holtegaard, Ida R. Braendstrup, Solveig Lee Folling Larsen, Mikkel Stranbygaard, Marina Fernández, Niels Bondrup, César Quintana, Ana Bracons, Pepe Bru, René Thorup Kristensen, Alejandro Mart.nez, Catherine Crowe, Christian Lind, Rikke Marie Schumann, Birgitte Hovmoller, Úrsula Xirinachs, Mar.a de Ros, Julia Schulz-Dornburg, Stephen Collier, Carlos Nicolau, Kate Webb, Ana Williamson, Mónica Recoder, Julio Nieto, José Luis Portillo, Stephen Bates, Gemma Rocha, Inger Staggs, Jesús Rábago, Monica Ketting, Mireia Comajuncosa, Mamen Domingo, Araceli Manzano, Mary Beth Elliott, Duccio Malagamba.

The studio has established long-term relationships with a group of exceptional professional collaborators who have been instrumental in all stages of our work. They have included, in particular: Civil Engineers Gerardo and Miguel Rodríguez of Static Ingeniería as structural consultants, quantity surveyors José María Forteza, Victor Forteza and Jordi Altés, together with Pilar Estrada and Javier Chaves of Tecnics-G3, the quantity surveyor Marta Carbonell, and the agriculatural engineer Miquel Viñals.

The contributions to the studio of photographers Michael Moran, Lourdes Jansana Ferrer, David Grandorge and Lorenzo Kárász, as well as graphic designer Jane Chipchase, have all been of outstanding quality and of special significance to us.