June 12th 2024 6 p.m.

Book Launch / Presentación de libro “Lineage & Legacy” 2a ed. (Quart)

With the authors, Stephen Bates and Fernando Villavecchia and guests

Eileen Liebman, David Grandorge, Takero Shimazaki and Irenée Scalbert.


AA Bookshop

33 Bedford Square

London WC1B 3ES

May 2nd 2024

‘ACCIDENTALISM Barcelona Laboratory’

Washington University Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Graduate program

Comprehensive Design Studio/Professor: Tomeu Ramis

Guest Critics: Bet Capdeferro, Pau Bajet, Josep Garriga, Eulàlia Goméz, Eileen Liebman , Carmen Torres, Roger Tudó y José Zabala

April 24th 2024

Auburn University; undergraduate studio in Barcelona Final Review    

Professors Xavier Vendrell and Mary English

Guest critics: Charmaine Lay, Eileen Liebman and Lucía Millet

Febrer 2024

Exposició Departament de Projectes ETSAB-V, per invitació

Inauguració 29 febrer 2024, professor Fernando Villavecchia.

L’exposició pretén mostrar la vinculació entre el professorat de projectes de les escoles d’arquitectura de la UPC i el territori on s’ubiquen.

“Lineage and Legacy, A certain Modernism in Cadaqués”

Stephen Bates and Fernando Villavecchia

2nd, revised edition, 2023

(1st edition, 2021)

© Quart Verlag Publishers 2023



December 18th 2024

We’re included in the online data base ES_ARQ “La Casa de la Arquitectura” in Madrid, a newly established central architecture museum with an associated webpage.

7 d’Octubre 2023

Arquivolta Cadaqués

Revisitant l’Arquitectura Moderna a Cadaqués

CoAC Girona – Itinerari arquitectònic d’una selecció de cases dels anys 50-60.


September 2023

Studio Bates

The Old Ways

Wayside infrastructure in the Empordà

Universitat de Girona / Departament d’Arquitectura i Enginyeria de la Construcció. Àrea de Projectes Arquitectònics

Invited professor/Architect: Stephen Bates of Sergison Bates architects

Associate professors UdeG, assistents Studio BAtes: Xavier Bustos, Marta Milà

Architects invited as critics at the fineal crits: José Bergua, Bet Capdeferro, Eileen Liebman

Extract from S. Bate’s brief: The task of the workshop is to design appropriate interventions in the landscape to facilitate wayfinding where necessary. Interventions should be gentle, aiming to indicate the way or to mark a place – an open invitation to the traveller to embrace being there.


Septiembre 2023

Taller Bates

Los caminos antiguos

Infraestructura de caminos en el Ampurdán

Universitat de Girona / Departament d’Arquitectura i Enginyeria de la Construcció. Àrea de Projectes Arquitectònics

Profesor invitado / Arquitecto: Stephen Bates, Sergison Bates architects

Profesores asociados UdeG, ayudantes Taller Bates: Xabier Bustos, Marta Milà

Arquitectos invitados como critics de la presentación final: José Bergua, Bet Capdeferro, Eileen Liebman

Extracto del anunciado del brief de S. Bates: La tarea del taller es diseñar intervenciones en el paisaje que sean las adecuadas para facilitar la orientación cuando sea necesario. Las intervenciones deben ser sutiles, con el objetivo de indicar el camino o marcar un lugar: una invitación abierat al viajero a acoger el hecho de estar allí (trad. EL).

June 2023

Casa Cols, Cadaqués: Selected Work, Architecture

25 Premis d’Arquitectura, Comarques de Girona 2023

Junio 2023

Casa Cols, Cadaqués: Obra Seleccionada, Arquitectures

25 Premis d’Arquitectura, Comarques de Girona 2023

March 2023

We’re pleased to announce that Quart Verlag has just published a monograph on our studio’s work in their ‘De aedibus international’ series on contemporary European architects and architecture.

Os comunicamos la reciente publicación de la monografía de Quart Verlag sobre el trabajo de nuestro estudio. Forma parte de su colección ‘De aedibus international’ sobre arquitectura contemporánea europea.

De aedibus international 28:

Liebman Villavecchia – Barcelona, Quart Verlag

29 x 22.5 cm, 88 pages.

Edited by Heinz Wirz

Article by Jonathan Sergison

Photographs by David Grandorge, Lourdes Jansana, Lorenzo Kárász and Michael Moran

Publication date: March 2023



De aedibus international

The De aedibus international series aims to document and compile the inspirations and architectural culture of individual architects in Europe.

Since 1987, Liebman Villavecchia Arquitectos have produced a series of diverse projects from their studio in Barcelona, Spain, with an emphasis on residential architecture and the renovation of historic buildings in a range of rural and urban contexts. Over the years, they have gradually developed an oeuvre with a special “reserve” and with particular and measured attention to spatial expression. Projects include the careful restoration and adaptation of the 1958 Casa Coderch Milá in Cadaqués (2017) and the Casa Sant Llorenç (2014) in the mountains of Lérida.

 Quart Verlag


March 2023

Talks related to the exhibition:

VEUS 1 (16.03.2023 – 18:30H / COAC)

Miguel Milá + Oscar Tusquets

Elías Torres + David Ferrer

VEUS 2 (27.04.2023 – 19:00h / Galería Santa&Cole)

Eileen Liebman + Teresa Rumeu

Iñigo Correa + Ivan Pomés

VEUS 3 (25.05.2023 – 19:00H / MINIM)

Enric Satué + Fernando Villavecchia

Beth Galí + Juli Capella

December 2022

New monograph on Liebman Villavecchia’s work appears in Quart Publishers catalogue «Preview spring 2023»

Publication date: approx. February 2023




November 2022

From 24 November to 12 February you can visit the exhibition of Mosaics Martí, on the occasion of the recent awarding of «Premi Nacional d’Artesania 2021».

Congratulations to Albert Martí for curating the exhibition, and his invaluable dedication as a collaborator of our work.

July 2022

«Lineage and Legacy. A certain Modernism in Cadaqués» book presentation by Sptephen Bates and Fernando Villavecchia took place on 16th July at Galeria Marges-U in Cadaqués. The event included contributions and reflections by Elías Torres, Aureli Mora and Manuel Martín Madrid.

October 2021

«Lineage and Legacy. A certain Modernism in Cadaqués» by Stephen Bates and Fernando Villavecchia reviewed by Federico Tranfa in Casabella magazine nº926

«…The book’s charm lies, in fact, in its partially autobiographical character, which prompts a sensation of intimacy that would not have been triggered by a simple historical reconstruction. […] Bonds of friendship also connect Bates to Villavecchia, his mentor and then then colleague, when the former found himself in the position of having to intervene, in turn, on one of the old houses in the historical centre of Cadaqués. In the background of these episodes there are the designs and photographs – taken by David Grandorge for the occasion – of a series of case studies selected with great intelligence and sensitivity.»

October 2021

We are pleased to have been invited to show Casa Coderch Milá in Cadaqués, as part of the «arquitectour Girona 2021» organized by Department of Culture of COAC Girona. Thanks to the 50 or so tour participants and to the organizers.

June 2021

Stephen Bates and Fernando Villavecchia presented «Lineage and Legacy. A certain Modernism in Cadaqués», the book they wrote together, at Il Giardinetto in Barcelona on Tuesday 29 June.

Designed by Correa and Milá, the restaurant is an apt setting for celebrating the recent publication of a work that has been in gestation for the best part of a decade.

May 2021

New book in print. «Lineage and Legacy. A certain Modernism in Cadaqués» Quart Publishers by Stephen Bates and Fernando Villavecchia.

This book investigates a particular kind of architecture that thrived in the 1950s in Cadaqués, a small Spanish fishing village on the Costa Brava. It explores a number of holiday houses built between the mid-1950s and 1960s by a group of architects who shared bonds of friendship and architectural affinities, as well as connections with the international Modern movement (including José Antonio Coderch, Lluís Clotet, Federico Correa, Alfonso Milá, Oscar Tusquets, Manuel Valls). Observations on the common threads that link eight case studies are enriched by a photographic essay by David Grandorge and by detailed architectural drawings on a number of significant projects of the time. An interview with the authors Stephen Bates (Sergison Bates architects, London) and Fernando Villavecchia (Liebman Villavecchia Arquitectos, Barcelona) provides a background to their shared fascination with Cadaqués. A timeline contextualises the projects against the backdrop of historical events and the milestone in the lives of the clients and architects who made the village a unique locus in the history of architecture.

May 2020

Eileen Liebman is member of the jury for the 23th edition of «Premis d’Arquitectura de les Comarques de Girona 2020», along with Maria Rubert de Ventós, as jury president, and Marta Sequeira.

December 2019

We’re honoured to be part of the newly inaugurated «arquitecturacatalana.cat – The Digital Space for Modern and Contemporary Catalan Architecture».

Congratulations to Aureli Mora and Omar Ornaque, as a directors, and to our collaborator Lluís Andreu Sotelo, as part of the team, for a brilliant beginning.

April 2019

As part of the «Architecture Interviewed» series of conferences, organised by AxA and curated by Omar Ornaque, Eileen Liebman interviews Stephen Taylor about his recent work. The dialogue will take place on 4 April at 7.15 pm at the Palau de la Virreina in Barcelona.

April 2017

The last meeting of the «East Coast / West Coast, Arquitectura entre Barcelona e Lisboa» cycle, organised by AxA and curated by Omar Ornaque, took place in Lisbon on 27 April, where together with Nuno Brandâo Costa and SAMI Arquitectos we had the opportunity to present our most recent works, moderated by Martí Amargós.
The lecture series was closed by the architect Elías Torres.


December 2016

Casa Voltes in Cadaqués is included in the selection of projects published in El Croquis nº187 «Sergison Bates. Tolerance and precision», a monograph dedicated to the career of Sergison Bates architects between 2004 and 2016.

September 2016

Casa Voltes in Cadaqués is included in the new publication a.mag nº9. The issue focuses on two British practices: Jonathan Woolf and Sergison Bates. Along with the highlighted projects it includes a conversation with Jonathan Sergison, Stephen Bates and Tony Fretton.

November 2015

On Thursday 19 November at 7 p.m. the exhibition «Interior Exterior / Inside Outside» will be inaugurated with a talk by architects Eileen Liebman and Fernando Villavecchia, who will also hold a conversation with the architect Stephen Bates.

The exhibition can be visited until 10 December at the Espai Picasso of the COAC Barcelona, presents a selection of projects and works by Liebman Villavecchia Arquitectos.